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Welcome to your New York Personal Injury Lawyer, Lisa Beth Older. We help injured construction workers If you or one of your loved ones has been a victim of a severe personal injury, read the following carefully. Every year in the State of New York tens of thousands of people sustain severe injuries due to negligence and unforeseen accidents. And as a victim you might be entitled to a substantial monetary compensation.

Whether you're looking at a compensation of $100,000.00 or $50,000,000.00 doesn't matter if your case is not handled properly. You do not want to jeopardize your case and waive all your rights to a monetary compensation due to the New York statute of limitations.

Free Consultation!
I will do the initial consult or settlement negotiations with the insurance carrier but will often refer you to a law firm if your case clearly needs a person with experience in civil personal injury litigation. If you are a victim of personal injury you should act immediately and call us for a free consultation. We help Medical Malpractice victims When it comes to personal injury law, time is of the essence, time is money. When contacting us we will provide you with law firms experienced and competant in your type of case, to help you secure your rights and to maximize your options to a fair settlement.

Independent Case Evaluation!
We will always have your best interest at heart, and as a victim we will make sure that you get an independent evaluation performed by independent forensic experts and specialized doctors. We help those injured in Auto Accidents Your New York Personal Injury Attorney is willing to go the extra mile and we'll do what's necessary to prove your case. We will never stop fighting for you.

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New York Personal Injury Attorney's Areas of Practice:
We are desirous and willing to provide a free initial consultation with you as to whether you we can represent you in the negotiation of a settlement or we will refer you to another firm with more experience to handle all serious New York City Personal Injury and Accident cases such as: Motor Vehicle Accidents, NYC Pedestrian Accidents, Broken Bones, Hazardous Products, Slip & Fall etc. We handle all serious Personal Injury cases related to Medical Malpractice such as: Birth Injuries/Trauma, NYC Surgical Errors, Wrongful Death etc. We are willing to handle all serious Personal Injury cases in New York City related to Toxic Torts such as: Asbestos/Mesothelioma, Poisoning, Toxic Mold etc. We also specialize in Personal Injury Appeals.
Please go to our sister website for all other law related matters such as: New York Divorce Law, Family Law, Criminal Law, and Entertainment Law.